Traun - description of the city:

Traun is city of Austria (Upper Austria). The population of Traun: 23,959 people. Geographic coordinates of Traun: 48.22656 x 14.23459.

Country Austria
International title Traun
Population 23,959 people
Timezone Europe/Vienna
State Upper Austria
Geographic coordinates Latitude: 48.22656 x Longitude: 14.23459

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Preacher’s Church Introduction  This is a church that was built in the 1200s, and it has church pews exactly like you’d expect to see in a church from that time. The side aisles have a library with nice lounge chairs, and there is ...

St. Lambrecht
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St. Lambrecht, a Benedictine Abbey, was founded in the 12th century by Henry III, Duke of Carinthia. The monastery complex was built in 1640 to designs by Domenico Sciassi. The church dates from the 14th century, but it was rebuilt in the Baroque s ...

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Kristiansund is a municipality and city on the Norwegian western coast in the district of Nordmore, and it is located in More og Romsdal County. It was officially granted township status in 1742, and it is still a big town in the area. In fact, it ...

Inner Trondheimsfjorden
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The Trondheimsfjord is an inlet in the Norwegian Sea. It is the 3rd-biggest fjord at roughly 81 miles long. It is situated in the western central part of Norway, and it goes from Orland in the west to Steinkjer in the north, and it passes the city ...

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Narvik is the 3rd biggest city in Nordland, and it is also the 3rd biggest municipality there, by population. The administrative hub of the municipality is Narvik, a moderately sized city. Some of the other towns in the municipality include Vidrek, ...

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